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Dyno Tuning

Second City Customs have a full Dynojet rolling road system. This enables us get your bike running correctly and tune it for optimum performance. We can also provide maximum power data and carry out any restriction or De-restriction modifications if required.

Reasons why a Dyno Run service can help you.

• Dyno tuning is not just about power but also fuel efficiency, longevity and enjoyment.

• Improved throttle response, torque and power delivery.

• All bikes can be tuned.

• We specialise in tuning Harley-Davidson’s & Custom motorcycles with great effect.

• Poor running and performance issues can be resolved.

• Before and after printouts to see what you have gained.

• Improvements immediately noticeably to the rider.

• Tune for maximum performance.

• Modern day quick shifters require DynoJet set up.

You do not need to be a professional motorcycle racer or track day enthusiast to notice the improvements! If you have modified or altered your motorcycles exhaust or intake system in any way it may benefit from having the fuelling re-adjusted to suit the engines new demands.

Depending on the type of fuel delivery system fitted to the motorcycle weather its carburetors or fuel injection there are various ways of adjusting the fuel mixture either by re jetting for the carbs or add-on programmable units or tuning software used for fuel injection systems.

The level of DynoJet tuning and performance depends on your requirements and budget.

Services include:

Basic Power run and print out - £45

Custom Tune £TBE this will depend on tuning components fitted and workshop services.

Full Dyno & Diagnostics from £70 per hour

A Custom Tune will require a programmable ECU interface such as a DynoJet Power Commander, Power Vision or Diag4Bike system. In addition performance components can be fitted over a standard factory motorcycle.

These might include:

Exhaust Systems: Akrapovic, Remus, S&S, Cobra, Bassini, SuperTrapp, Harley Davidson, Vance and Hines, Paughco, Biltwell. Air Cleaner:K&N, Screaming Eagle, S&S, Performance Vance & Hines, Arlen Ness, Kuryakyn, Performance Machine, RSD.

Quick Shifters:DynoJet

Engine Upgrades:Screaming Eagle Big Bore, Cams, S&S, Fueling, Andrews, Jims.



DynoJet Jet Kits

If you’re looking to optimise the performance of your carburetted motorcycle then DynoJet Jet Kits supplied and fitted by Second City Customs can provide you with a simple and affordable solution to all your carburetion problems.

Second City Customs can supply a wide range of kits to fit all bikes in any application, giving increased power and smoothness throughout the entire rev range, while maintaining optimum fuel economy improving throttle response and overall performance.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is the process of complete removal of a wide variety of contaminants from objects including carburetors by high frequency sound waves. These non-audible sound waves create a scrubbing brush action to effectively remove scale from carburetors. Contaminant removal includes stale fuel residue, unleaded petrol deposits, sediments, grease and many other unwanted substances.

It is non caustic and non-abrasive so is very popular for internal cleaning of carbs, jets, ect. Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency pressure (soundwaves) to agitate a liquid which provides an effective cleaning method.

No harsh chemicals are used, only a specifically designed detergent to help breakdown the years of grime that has built up over the years.

Most problems we see with carburettors are down to the dirt and grime or blocked passage ways. It provides a powerful yet gentle cleaning process for all hard to reach areas, What it wont do is remove staining and general dulling of aluminium.

At Second City Customs we offer a full Carburettor Ultrasonic Cleaning and Overhaul Service in the West Midlands.

This service is available for most Amal, Keihin, Bendix, Linkert, Hitachi, S&S, Mikuni, Dellorto, Zenith and SU Carburettors. We wash your carburettor(s) to remove all external residue.

Multiple carburettor banks are disassembled to individual carburettors. Each unit is fully dismantled (CV and other butterfly throttle carbs' throttle shafts are left in place). All parts are cleaned in our Temperature Controlled Ultrasonic Tank using a De-ionised Water and Carburettor Specific Detergent Solution, rinsed and air dried. All parts are then inspected. Only then if any part requires replacement is it then replaced. Each carburettor is then reassembled.

Multiple carburettor banks are assembled, linkages lubricated and the throttles visually synchronised.

Rebuild / Service Kits (seals, diaphragms, slides, gaskets), replacements for worn or damaged parts and fasteners are subject to additional parts charge.

Mail order return service available for those from further afield.