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Motorcycle MOT

We have the most up to date MOT test equipment and can ensure that your bike is tested to the highest safety standard.

Motorcycle MOT appointments are available between 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am - 4.00pm Saturdays.

At Second City Customs we are an approved MOT Test Centre and provide Motorcycle and Scooter MOT's at our workshop for both class 1 and class 2.
Whether you ride a Harley Davidson, Custom Bike, Suzuki, Honda or BMW, All Motorcycles and Scooters are welcome at Second City Customs

If your motorbike MOT has expired you can ride your bike without an MOT only to an approved testing station and only if it is pre-booked.

Some Helpful information

The following provides a guide to the basic requirements of a Motorcycle MOT process.


All your lights, brake lights and indicators must work. A red reflector to the rear of your bike is required and you must have a functioning horn.


Your bike must not have a fuel leak from anywhere.

Frame and Body

No loose parts or missing engine bolts. Footrests must be fitted and secure and if there is a pillion seat there must be a second set as well.

Corrosion must not affect the structure of the motorcycle.

Suspension and Steering

With the front wheel raised off the ground, during the Motorcycle MOT, the handlebar must not touch or foul the fuel tank when the steering is fully turned lock to lock, the steering must move freely in a smooth motion 

This includes cables and worn head stock or wheel bearings. Forks or rear shocks must not leak and should be firmly attached and filled with the correct amount of oil.

Registration Plate Must be a standard size and reflective with no damage and must fit securely.


• The noise output will be assessed during the Motorcycle MOT, and acceptance is determined by the tester’s discretion, other checks are:

• The exhaust mountings must be secure and not fouling any part of the rear suspension

• The exhaust must not be holed and must be free from leaks at joints and box(es)


• During the Motorcycle MOT, the examiner will:

• Check the hoses for fluid leaks, bulges & cracking

• Check disc brakes are securely mounted and free from cracks

• Check ABS warning lights, where fitted

• Check the wheel is free to rotate without brake drag in free-wheel

• Check that brake pads/shoes are not worn beyond limits

• Check the rear brake torque arm is secure and that fasteners are secured by self-locking nuts or castellated nuts with split-pins or R-clips

Wheel Alignment

Wheels should be aligned, plus your chain and sprockets must be safe and usable.

Tyres and Wheels Mopeds need clearly visible tread on both tyres.

Motorcycles must have at least 1mm.

Tyres must have no bulges or cracks in the side wall or cuts over 25mm and everything must be seated correctly.


Note: This information is offered as a guide only to help support motorcyclists presenting their motorcycle for MOT. The test is carried out within the guidelines of VOSA, for more detailed information please see the VOSA website.