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Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval Scheme

MSVA is a type approval requirement that is mandatory across the whole European Community for all new and imported Motorcycles prior to registration.

Type approval is based on a set of harmonised design, Construction and Environmental standards that allows manufacturers to build to a single set of requirements for the European market.

What Motorcycles need a MSVA Test?

MSVA applies to any Motorcycles that are not currently registered in the UK. It also applies to any Motorcycle that has been radically altered or built using a mixture of components from previously registered vehicles.

For Example.

  1. A Motorcycle rebuilt using a new or second hand frame
  2. Conversion to a different wheel plan i.e Converted to a Trike
  3. Imported from overseas
  4. Custom built from new parts

How we can help

At Second City Customs we offer a full MSVA service and can prepare your bike for all UK requirements and transport to the DVSA test station to provide certification to allow DVLA to issue a UK registration certificate.

Please note that due to the differences between each bike, we cannot quote for this service without first seeing the bike. If you require MSVA certification please contact us to arrange an appointment.